WoON 2009: homebuyers show procrastination

In 2009 total housing costs in The Netherlands rose as much as the net income. One in three starters purchase and in the sales market interest-only mortgages grew in importance. In the same market, demand stayed up, however buyers showed procrastination. This and a lot more is revealed by the Housing Netherlands Research 2009. The data were recently placed in DANS EASY.

In the Housing Netherlands Research 2009 (WoON) the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM) and the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) work together. The goal is to collect statistical information on the current, previous and desired housing situation (housing and living environment) of households including housing expenses.

2009 is a modular designed research. The data are collected by personal interviews, telephone interviews and via the Internet. The sample was drawn from the Dutch population of eighteen years and older. Over 78,000 people participated. The publication ‘Het wonen overwogen’ (PDF, 5 MB) shows the recent developments in the Dutch housing market. The archive system DANS EASY provides access to the data of WoON 2009 for governments and universities and other parties.