EASY data archiving and online access to data

The easiest and quickest way to deposit and use data is by means of EASY, the Electronic Archiving System developed by DANS. With EASY all sorts of data and all formats can, in principle, be stored: text, databases, spreadsheets, images and sound.

DANS can guarantee permanent access for all standard and preferred formats; in the case of irregular data formats, access is dependent on future developments in software. With the aid of this system researchers can do their own depositing. The data experts at DANS then check for completeness, clarity and legal aspects. After a maximum of five working days, the data, within the terms of the licensing agreement concluded before the depositing, is then made available to other researcher for the purpose of secondary analysis. They can search and browse through the metadata.

EASY also provides access to the data sets of the former Steinmetz Archive and the Netherlands Historical Data Archive. The system comprises a substantial collection of data pertaining to the disciplines:

  • Humanities
  • Social sciences
  • Behavioural sciences
  • Socio-cultural sciences
  • Geospatial sciences
  • Life Sciences and medicine

Naturally, EASY is also open to data from other disciplines within the arts and humanities and social sciences.

In order to deposit data with the aid of EASY, a license agreement is concluded. It states the rights and obligations of the data depositor and those of DANS. An important aspect of this agreement is the conditions under which access to the data is granted. Three access categories are distinguished: open access, restricted access and other access.

Information about the DANS licentie agreement

DANS EASY: data depositing, searching and downloading